Delgados Computers Voip Phone Services

Delgados Computers can reduce your telephone bill to ceros dollar one time fee and equipment sales.  For more information call 717-389-0781 or email us

Multi-Line / Multiple Calls

-Shared Call / Bridged Line Appearance.

-Busy Lamp Field (BLF) – Regular, Pick-up and Speed Dial.

-On-Hook Dialing.

-Call Waiting, Call Queued.

-Multiple Distinctive Ringtones Based on Who is Calling.

-Auto Answer Intercom Call, Page Call.

-Page Groups (2).

-Call Hold.
Caller ID–Name & Number, Photo

-Music on Hold.

-Call Swap.

-Call Park and Call Un-park.

-Call Pick-Up – Selective and Group.

-Message Waiting Indication - Visual and Tone Based.

-Speed Dialing by code of 99 OBi Endpoints, Buddies or Numbers (E.164 or URI).
Call Waiting, Call Queued

-Call Logs (200) – Dialing from Call Logs.

-Personal Phone Book – Each Entry with Multiple Numbers, Photo, Grouping.

-Hot Line and Warm Line Calling.

-Four-Way Conference Calling with Local Mixing.

-Call Forward - Unconditional.

-Call Forward on Busy.

-Call Forward on No Answer.

-Call Transfer -- Blind or Attended.
Do Not Disturb – Do Not Ring

-Anonymous Call.

-Block Anonymous Call.

-Do Not Disturb – Do Not Ring.

-Call Return – Call Back on Busy.

-Repeat Dialing.

-Immediate Divert.

-Multiple Ringtones – Upload Custom Ringtones.

-Screen Saver – Upload Screen Saver with Slideshow Image(s).

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