Delgados Computers Online Support

Internet Connection Required

We can repair all of your computer software problems online. We will repair your computer, and all you need to do is pay our repair fee! In order to use our online repair service, your computer must have an active internet connection.

Cutting out the trip to the computer shop will save you the cost of the diagnostic fee, as well as the cost of the gas you use to get there! We have commercial  Teamviewer license, so we can do a video call and real time chat with you.                       

We charge a flat rate of $92.70 for all repairs, no matter how long it takes! Once you pay our fee, you will receive instructions by phone or email. 

For information, please email or call Phone  717-769-5061 ask for Pedro. We record all of our sessions for legal and educational purposes.

Thank you for your business in advance!     Click Here   to Purchase the support